The Way I Work

1. Establishing the goal.  

Before the photo session, we will discuss in detail your expectations from it. For example, are we taking photos for family archives? Or to represent you on professional pages and social media accounts? Or to turn your memories about the holidays on the French Riviera into beautiful images?

2. Planning the photoshoot.

Please show me any images and ideas you like; send me the pictures of the outfits you are planning to wear.  It makes it easier to choose the perfect locations and develop the overall scenario of our future photoshoot.

NOTE: Three outfits per 1 hour are the most we can do in that time frame.

3. Choosing locations & preferred time for aphoto shoot. 

We can take amazing images in any town on the French Riviera, but less crowded places are the best. We will coordinate our photo route in advance, taking into account your personal preferences and my suggestions.

NOTE: Early mornings and evenings give the best lightning since the high sun doesn't create unwanted shades under the nose, eyes, or neck. But this doesn't mean we can't get gorgeous photos during midday! The goal is to avoid direct sunlight.

4. Photoshooting

There is no room for discomfort and embarrassment during my photoshoots!

You shouldn't worry if you are not an experienced model. I will suggest how to stand, where to look, and I will help you with expressions in the process. I will also make sure the lighting favors that particular pose, as well as your facial features.

When taking photos, I try to use as many ideas and poses as possible. I may charge you for 60 minutes; however, the process will not end until I'm sure we've reached our full potential.

5. Getting your photo gallery with the results. 

In few days after the photoshoot, I'll send you a link with 60+ pictures, lightly edited (cropping, color correction, adjusted brightness, and contrast.) 

I can add more detailed retouching to 10 pictures of your choice. It includes manual removal of skin defects and smoothing the texture, altering body shape (only if requested), teeth whitening, enhancing the eyes, correcting flyaway hairs, erasing unwanted details from the surroundings, etc.​​​​​​​

Any questions? 

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