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Hello, my name is Katerina. I am passionate about photography and sincerely interested in the best results of every photoshoot. Therefore, I approach each shooting individually, discuss my clients’ expectations, and plan all the details. My main priority is ensuring my clients are relaxed during the photo session and happy with the images they receive. Thanks to my experience, I know how to remove shyness and embarrassment.

So my clients enjoy both the shooting process and the results. My mission is to allow my clients to look at themselves from their best side, obtain confidence, and raise their self-esteem. I believe that nothing helps more than the photos in which you like yourself. My photoshoots prove that absolutely everyone, regardless of gender, age, and appearance, can look like a model from a magazine cover. Non-photogenic people do not exist.

I can prove it. I’m waiting for your requests through the form on this site, on my Instagram page https://www.instagram.com/skaterina_photo/ or WhatsApp message +33772222653.

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